About us

Paola Medeot and Gianluca Cardoni, both with countless years of experience working in international advertising agencies, are the two helmsmen guiding Kayak. Now and again, depending on the type of project and the client’s needs, other proven professionals join the team. This way, the team grows only when needed. The result? Happy clients and competitive prices. If you feel like taking a ride with Kayak, call us!

Paola Medeot

Am I a copywriter or an account manager? Actually, I’m both. When you have an agency to expand, you have to do a bit of everything and you end up loving this slightly schizophrenic side of your work, switching from role to role like Jekyll and Hyde. The good thing is that it works, because you take part in tenders and win, while clients seem to be glad that you’re a little bit rational and a little bit creative, a little bit precise and a little bit dreamy. In other words, you’re one of the Kayak family.

As a Kayak, this is what I do: I’m in charge of strategy, copywriting and managing staff, from web developers to photographers, bloggers to online marketing specialists. Oh, and before I forget, every now and again I also do invoicing, something I’m not so good at.

Gianluca Cardoni

I’ve had a passion for digital since 1987, when I started to use an Amiga 500, back when internet was still something only used at the CERN. This passion for everything innovative and high-tech in the field of communications has always been a strong feature of my approach to work, allowing me to stay as fresh and enthusiastic in every job as I was at the beginning.

Kayak is the creature I have been growing with pride for more than 10 years now, together with my partner Paola. My job here is art direction, graphics and web design, and I follow each project personally, large or small, from the initial briefing right through to its launch on-air.